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Dosage information of AJOVY

Prescribe AJOVY for long-actingprotection
against migraine1*

*“Long-acting” and “lasting protection” defined as reduction in monthly average migraine or headache days measured
over a 12-week period following a monthly 225 mg SC dose or quarterly 675 mg (225 mg x 3) SC dose.1

Available in monthly and quarterly dosing

Rx for AJOVY


AJOVY 225 mg/1.5 mL autoinjector

Sig: 225 mg subcutaneous
(1 autoinjector)
every month

Disp. 1.5 mL

Refills: 11

Rx for AJOVY


AJOVY 225 mg/1.5 mL autoinjector

Sig: 675 mg subcutaneous
(3 autoinjectors)
every 3 months

Disp. 4.5 mL

Refills: 3

The AJOVY Autoinjector

AJOVY is available in an autoinjector with no loading dose and no dose titration, and can be administered at home or in office.
  • No loading dose
  • No titration needed
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • No significant differences in safety or efficacy were observed between monthly and quarterly dosing
  • Available in a prefilled syringe
  • Administered at home by the patient or caregiver or in office by a healthcare professional
  • Studied alone and in combination with oral preventive treatments1

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