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Dosing instructions for AJOVY

AJOVY is the only anti-CGRP injection with monthly and quarterly dosing options.

Image of AJOVY  Autoinjector
  • No loading dose
  • No dose titration
  • Can be kept at room temperature (up to 86°F/
    30°C) for up to 7 days
  • Available in a prefilled syringe
  • No significant differences in safety or efficacy were observed between monthly and quarterly dosing

AJOVY may be administered in office by a healthcare professional or at home by the patient or caregiver.1 AJOVY is available in an autoinjector. Guidance on proper subcutaneous techniques should be provided.

Using the AJOVY Autoinjector

Step 1

Autoinjector administration step 1

Uncap the autoinjector

With one hand, firmly pull the cap straight off the autoinjector (don’t twist) and throw the cap away immediately.

Step 2

Autoinjector administration step 2

Place at a 90° angle

Place the autoinjector at a 90° angle against your skin at your chosen injection site.

Step 3

Autoinjector administration step 3

Press down and hold autoinjector until 10 seconds after second click

Press down on the autoinjector. You will hear a click. This means the injection has started and you should see the blue plunger move down. You will hear a second click. Remove autoinjector 10 seconds after.

The above steps do not include the full administration instructions for the AJOVY Autoinjector.

Follow the links below to read the full Instructions for Use prior to administering AJOVY.