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Frequently asked questions

Where to inject AJOVY

Please read the full Instructions for Use (IFU) in the Prescribing Information for proper administration of AJOVY.1

AJOVY is available in an autoinjector.

  • Choose an injection area from the following areas (see figure below):
  • your stomach area (abdomen), avoid about 2 inches around the belly button.
  • the front of your thighs, an area that is at least 2 inches above the knee and 2 inches below the groin.
  • the back of your upper arms, in the fleshy areas of the upper back portion.

Stomach, thighs, or back of upper arm are areas that AJOVY can be injected into

  • There are some injection areas on your body that are hard to reach (like the back of your arm). You may need help from someone who has been instructed on how to give your injection if you cannot reach certain injection areas.
See the full Instructions For Use and watch the IFU video