Understanding the role of anti-CGRP in the preventive treatment of migraine

AJOVY is a monoclonal antibody that selectively targets the CGRP ligand.1

How AJOVY works

AJOVY is a monoclonal antibody targeting the CGRP ligand.1

Patients experiencing migraine have increased levels of CGRP, a neuropeptide present in both the central and peripheral nervous system.2,3 When CGRP binds to its receptor, a cascade of events result, which contributes to neurogenic inflammation that is associated with migraine pain.2,4 This involves mast cell degranulation, vasodilation, and protein extravasation.5 AJOVY selectively targets the CGRP ligand, which is believed to block this cascade of events, thereby preventing the activation of the trigeminal system.1,4

CGRP plays an important role in the pathophysiology of migraine.4

CGRP: calcitonin gene-related peptide.

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